Terms and conditions

1. Order Placement
After placing a booking, you are obliged to hire the requested locations to the conditions agreed upon in the course of the order placement. It is strictly forbidden to hire the locations via third parties, if they have been requested via Filmlocations.
2. Liability 
You are obliged to have liability insurance with adequate coverage while on set. Otherwise, you are directly liable for any damage to the hired location directly related to the film or photo shooting or event.
3. Copyright
All locations of filmlocations.at must be requested/booked for each project directly through the location agency. It is forbidden to reuse contact information afterwards. Photos of filmlocations.at may be used for internal presentations only and can not be published without explicit written permission.
4. Payment
Each location is subject to individual pricing. Hiring fee and agency commission will be billed separately. For the rent of single locations filmlocations.at is charging 20% agency commission, which will be added to the location rent.
5. Data protection of personal data
The leasing party undertakes to use all personal data provided by Filmlocations (names, addresses, telephone numbers) within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All persons commissioned in the project, who also receive this data, must be informed that the data may not be passed on to third parties and used only on a project basis. If a daily disposition (call sheet) is created, this has to be noted.